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SikaGrout® - 312 HP
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SikaGrout® - 312 HP


One component cementitious, pourable mortar (SCC technology) used for repairs, fillings, anchoring, section restoration/increasing, grouting and base plating, meeting the requirements of EN 1504 - 6 and EN 1504 - 3 (class R4). It is a free flowing expansion compensated and extreme low shrinkage engineering grout.


  • No segregation or bleeding
  • High effective bearing area (ASTM C1339)
  • Remarkable shrinkage compensation (both in plastic and hardening stage)
  • Easy to use, ready to mix powder; only add water (and aggregates if desired)
  • For application thickness of between 10 mm and 50 mm per layer (without aggregates addition)
  • Adjustable SCC consistency (Sika® ViscoCrete® technology), showing excellent flow properties, workability and stability
03.36.0120 2.0 kg/ltr 25 kg
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