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Cementitious Grouts

SikaGrout® HT System
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SikaGrout® HT System


Two-component free flowing and shrinkage compensated, cementitious, pourable mortar for high-thickness works such as anchoring, precision grouting, filling and base plating, meeting the requirements of EN 1504-6.


  • A1 fire rating
  • Pourable and/or pumpable
  • No segregation or bleeding
  • Excellent flow properties, workability and stability
  • Easy to use, ready to mix preweighed bags; only add water
  • For high application thickness of up to 120 mm in one layer
  • In accordance with EN 1504-6 standard as anchoring product
  • High mechanical strengths and excellent adhesion on concrete and steel
  • Remarkable shrinkage compensation (both in plastic and hardening stage)
~ 2.0 kg 31.25 kg (A+B)
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