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Domomix® PR 375
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Domomix® PR 375


It`s a high performance superplasticizer (primary function) and retarding admixture (secondary function). It improves the workability of concrete mixes and at the same time extends the setting time of fresh concrete. The effect is achieved by its absorption into the surface of the cement particles in a concrete mix, giving a powerful deflocculating action. 


  • Increase of early and final strength
  • Enhancement of density of concrete
  • Improvement in pumpability of concrete
  • Workability of concrete is improved even at low W/C ratio
  • Optimum dispersion of the cement, hence a reduction in actual cement content can be permitted
  • Extends the period of time when concrete can be placed and compacted while retaining its workability
05.05.0072 0.2-1.2% by weight of cement 20 ltr
05.05.0074 0.2-1.2% by weight of cement 200 ltr
05.05.0075 0.2-1.2% by weight of cement IBC 1000 ltr