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Gutter System
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Gutter System


System NOR is designed for roof drainage of small and medium-sized residential and for small industry buildings. It is resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations and to UV ray as well. All connections are equipped with three-band seals that ensure excellent water tightness and adequate balance of the thermal expansions. Easy and fast installation does not require glue application.

03.08.0500 Gutter 3 m White White Code GRONDA120-01
03.08.0530 Gutter 3 m Brown Brown Code GRONDA120-02
03.08.0501 Gutter Angle 90 White White Code ANGOLARE120-01
03.08.0531 Gutter Angle 90 Brown Brown Code ANGOLARE120-02
03.08.0502 Gutter Running Outlet Φ80 White White Code GIUNTOS120-01
03.08.0532 Gutter Running Outlet Φ80 Brown Brown Code GIUNTOS120-01
03.08.0503 Gutter Union White White Code GIUNTO120-01
03.08.0533 Gutter Union Brown Brown Code GIUNTO 120-02
03.08.0504 Gutter Stopend White White Code TERMINALE120-01
03.08.0534 Gutter Stopend Brown Brown Code TERMINALE120-02
03.08.0505 Gutter Bracket White White Code SUPPORTO120-01
03.08.0535 Gutter Bracket Brown Brown Code SUPPORTO120-02
03.08.0506 Rainpipe Φ80 3 m White White Code TUBO80-01
03.08.0536 Rainpipe Φ80 3 m Brown Brown Code TUBO80-02
03.08.0507 Bend Φ80 67.5 White White Code CURVA80-01A
03.08.0537 Bend Φ80 67.5 Brown Καφέ Code CURVA80-02A
03.08.0508 Rainpipe Connector Φ80 White White Code MANICOTTO80-01
03.08.0538 Rainpipe Connector Φ80 Brown Brown Code MANICOTTO80-02
03.08.0509 Ending Bend Φ80 White White Code CURVAT80-01
03.08.0539 Ending Bend Φ80 Brown Brown Code CURVAT80-02
03.08.0510 Rainpipe Bracket Φ80 White White Code CP80-01
03.08.0540 Rainpipe Bracket Φ80 Brown Brown Code CP80-02
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