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Planofinish PU 2KW MAT
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Planofinish PU 2KW MAT


Two component aliphatic polyurethane varnish with UV filters and high resistance to sunlight and weather conditions, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications providing a mat finish. Due to its excellent mechanical strength, it significantly improves surface protection from wear when applied to epoxy paints or floor coatings.


  • Waiting time between layers 30 minutes
  • High resistance to friction and mechanical stress
  • Suitable for external floor applications and wet areas
  • Contains UV filters for high resistance to UV radiation
03.42.0219 100-150 ml/m² 1 ltr (A+B)
03.42.0225 100-150 ml/m² 4 ltr (A+B)
03.42.0236 100-150 ml/m² 5 ltr (A+B)