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Limepor NHL 3.5
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Limepor NHL 3.5


It`s an NHL 3.5 hazel brown hydraulic which can be easily coloured on site fired at low temperatures in accordance with traditional techniques. The high quality of the natural hydraulic lime means the product will not result in efflorescences, given the low content of water-soluble salts. It is physically and chemically compatible with the components of historic buildings; in contact with water, the hydraulic lime reacts to form hydrated products that are extremely insoluble and very stable in terms of the chemical base.


  • Low content of water-soluble salts
  • Chemical compatibility with traditional materials of historic buildings
  • The high quality of the product allow you to get mortars with no efflorescences
03.10.0310 4-5 kg/m²/cm 25 cm