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Bonding of glazing in U-shaped channels

Pourable, self-levelling, two-component polymer grout based on polyurethane resin. It has been designed for embedding of monolithic or laminated glass panes in U-shaped support channels for standard glass railing, frameless or postless guard rail and balcony glazing. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, if sealed with Sikasil WS product.  


Stir the base part thoroughly until it is mixed homogeneously. Add the hardener in the specified ratio in the base part and stir until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Apply before reaching half of the pot-life and join parts together within the open time. Consider that if mixed in bigger masses the exothermic reaction can influence the pot-life and open time significantly. Prevent adhesion to glass with a release agent or bond breaker. To protect the embedding material from UV radiation it is required to apply a bead of Sikasil Weather sealant on top. SikaForce 335 GG must be cured 24 hours prior the sealant application.




  • Solvent-free
  • Long pot-life, easy to use
  • Room temperature curing
  • Allows homogenous load distribution
  • Stress-free glass embedding process