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Waterproofing Membrane Dry 50

Flexible waterproof matting for balconies, sills and inner courtyards. It is manufactured in EVAC with a width of 1.5 metres and both sides coated in polypropylene geo-textile to facilitate the optimum adherence of the cement-based adhesive used during the installation process. Furthermore, it ensures 100% water tightness as well as acting as water vapor barrier.


  • Prevent Cracking And Degrading

Temperature changes directly affect the different underlayers and materials, continuously expanding and retracting. These movements are transmitted directly between the compression layer and the covering. In both cases, the cover materials are directly affected, with the formation of cracks in the joints and detachment. 

The dry 50  membrane, because they’re composed of a double layer of polyolefins, can stop movements between the compression layer and the covering, preventing possible cracks in the joints and the potential detachment of the top covering itself (crack bridging).

  • Vapour compensation of  the structure pressure

The special geotextile on its rear side enables air circulation between the sublayer and the membrane, draining away the water vapour molecules, preventing bubbles and keeping the structure dry.


  • Resistant to alkalis and acids

The membranes are totally resistant to alkalis and acids, not degrading over the course of time and thus ensuring perfect watertightness.


Application in new builds:

Μethod of application:

The application, bonding, of the membrane is simple and is done with elastic tile adhesive of category C2TES1, as shown in the photos below. Apply the tile adhesive with a notched trowel and then stick the film.