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Cementitious Mortar Additives

Domomix® Mortar Plasticizer
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Domomix® Mortar Plasticizer


It is a liquid admixture, CE marked, for producing air entrainment and plasticity to sand/lime/cement mortars. The addition of Domomix Mortar Plasticizer gives freeze-thaw protection to mortars and concretes.


  • Suitable for use with all types of sand and cement normally used in mortar manufacture
  • Batching water can be reduced which cuts down drying, shrinkage, cracking and crazing
  • It gives constant plasticity and air entrainment over a widerange of mixing times and mixing efficiencies
05.05.0002 300 - 400 ml for each 50 kg of cement 4 ltr
05.05.0004 300 - 400 ml for each 50 kg of cement 20 ltr
05.05.0006 300 - 400 ml for each 50 kg of cement 200 ltr