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Sikalastic 220 W System

Ready to use, waterproofing system with very low emissions, no need to mix, easy to apply (with a trowel or roller) with fast curing time between coats (3-5 hours). Innovative coverage control system between layers and maturation (color change from dark grey to light grey). Possibility of bridging cracks up to 0.75 mm (for layer thickness> 0.5 mm with total consumption ~ 1.35kg/m²).

Combines with a suitable primer depending on the substrate (Sikafloor-01 Primer) and a special sealing tape (Sika Seal Tape F) for corners, construction joints and connections. Application of ceramic tiles with cementitious adhesives of the SikaCeram series is recommended.

Application Process:

  • Substrate control (stable, dry and clean surfaces and as flat as possible).  Knocking, sprinkling, scratch and dust tests. 
  • Application of Sikafloor 01 Primer with roller at a consumption of 0.75 g/m².
  • Roller application of a Sikalastic 220 W layer on the corners / joints and placement of Sika Seal Tape F tape by pressing it firmly on the substrate. Pay special attention so that there are no empty spots, blisters, etc. Observe the overlap of 5 cm. Repetition in construction details e.g. construction joints, channels and piping.
  • After floor priming and Sika Seal Tape F application. Apply 1st layer of Sikalastic 220 W using a roller or steel trowel. Apply 2nd layer after allowing appropriate waiting/overcoating times (3-5 hours). When Sikalastic 220 W has completely dried, apply tile finish system using a suitable SikaCeram certified adhesive.

 * Download the system technical leaflet here.